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Basketball has been an attractive gem among the sports for many youths and today we shall discuss about one such popular youth basketball player Alissa Pili. Well Alissa Pili is an American college basketball player and she was a player at Dimond where she embarked her talent of basketball by winning several championships within a short span. Moreover Alissa Pili is titled with MaxPreps. Today here we shall discuss about Alissa Pili career journey, early life, personal life, ethnicity, racial characteristics and other details briefly.

Full Name Alissa Katelina Pili
Age & Birthday June 8, 2001 (21 years old)
Nationality American
Religion Catholic
Race Under Review
Ethnicity Mixed


Lets discuss about the ethnicity, racial characteristics, identification trait, descent, ancestry and other details of American basketball player Alissa Pili. Well Alissa Pili was born in Anchorage and she has American citizenship, but her parents have different descent. Alissa Pili belongs to Samoan and Alaskan native, hence the ethnicity of Alissa Pili is European-American and Samoan making her ethnicity mixed. The racial characteristics of Alissa Pili are under review but we can predict she is of mixed racial characteristics. Alissa Pili was born and bought up in a Catholic family.


Diving into the early life details of Alissa Pili well she was born on 8th of June 2001 in Anchorage, Alaska and her parents were Billy Pili and Heather. Alissa Pili has six siblings among them Alissa has two sisters Kayla and Alyna, with rest four brothers named Brandon, Caden, Braden and Billy. Alissa Pili went to Dimond High School which was situated in her home town later went to USC College in 2019 later joined Utah in 2022 for her further graduation.


Moving further into the career life details of Alissa Pili, well she is an American college basketball player.

  • Alissa Pili had been playing actively since from her high school days and graced many championships, among them Alissa Pili returned with two state championships to her high school.
  • Alissa Pili won the title Athlete of the year during her high school, and then in her College in USC she won over Washington State team and created career’s best record in her college.
  • Alissa Pili was crowned as Pac-12 Freshman of the Year and Player of the Year in 2020 and 2023 respectively.


Moving further into the next part which is Alissa Pili personal life details, well as of now she is still unmarried and single. Alissa Pili is not dating anyone and currently she is working hard in carving her career in basketball.


  • Alissa Pili family is supportive to her talents and she adores her family a lot.
  • Alissa Pili is available on social media with more than 10k followers with 39 posts in her Official Instagram handle.
  • Alissa Pili has lots of belief in her religion and follows the custom of family.
  • Apart from basketball Alissa Pili is well skilled volleyball player, skilled field player, good athlete and she has won 13 state titles during her high school days for shot put, wrestling and volleyball.
  • Alissa Pili brother Brandon is a football player.
  • Alissa Pili also played football until she entered high school.
  • Alissa Pili has won several awards such as MaxPrep Honors, Pride of Alaska and many more.

The above was a piece of detailed review regarding American college basketball player Alissa Pili, well we have covered the maximum information regarding Alissa Pili career life, early life, personal life, ethnicity, descent, ancestry, net worth and other details.

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