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There are many talented artists in the film industry and it has always supported new talents, one such unique talented actress is Anna Cathcart. Her journey since 2016 with children’s series and now he is represented in Netflix movies. Anna Cathcart journey to the world’s dominant entertainment platform has been an enchanting one with a lot of effort and hard work. Anna Cathcart has seen many television shows and movies during her career and she has also won a number of awards during her career. So today we shall know few details about Canadian actress Anna Cathcart like ethnicity, race, early life, personal life, career life, family background, net worth and other details.

Full Name Anna Cathcart
Age & Birthday June 16, 2003 (19 years old)
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity
Race White
Ethnicity Mixed

Anna Cathcart Ethnicity and race

Let’s talk about her nationality, race, identifiable features, ancestry, parentage and other details about Canadian actress Anna Cathcart. Anna Cathcart was born in Colombia, but her parents are of different ethnic backgrounds. Anna Cathcart’s father is Irish and her mother is Chinese, so Anna Cathcart is of mixed race. In addition, Anna Cathcart belongs to the racial category of white.

Family background

Looking at Anna Cathcart family background, she had a supportive and happy family. Anna Cathcart father had her own business and her mother took care of the family. Anna Cathcart enjoyed spending time with her family as they enjoyed many picnics, hikes and games together. In addition, Anna Cathcart was bought into a loving and supportive family.

Early life and Nationality

Delving into the early life and nationality of actress Anna Cathcart, she was born on June 16, 2003 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Anna Cathcart later attended and graduated from Vancouver Public High School in 2021. Despite her parents being from different origins, he had a brilliant childhood and is also a Canadian citizen. Anna Cathcart had an older sibling who was her sister.


Moving on to Anna Cathcart career life, she is a professional and popular Canadian actress with millions of fans. Anna Cathcart has appeared in a number of commercials since childhood. Later in 2015, she auditioned for “TVOKids” and “PBS Kids”. Fortunately, he was recruited and the team started filming with actors like Issac Kragten and other artists. Anna Cathcart’s first TV series debut and acting debut was her series titled Odd Squad. The series became a successful project for the producers and he decided to start her next series on a bigger scale. Well, in the same year he starred in a franchise titled ‘Odd Squad: The Movie’. Basically, it was released as a movie and marked her theatrical debut. After her success, he got several opportunities like “OddTube”, “Dino Dana”, “Descendants 2”, “Once upon a Time”, “Fast Layne”, “Star Wars: Vision” and many other TV shows. Later in 2018, Anna Cathcart returned to filming and released her next film, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. She played the role of “Kitty Covey” in this movie and it was an important work in her career. The film was released on the Netflix streaming platform. Later becoming the most watched and enjoyed film on Netflix.

Anna Cathcart has several big projects lined up for the future and has been involved in several successful spin-offs in the past.

Personal life

Looking at Canadian actress Anna Cathcart personal life details like relationship status, husband, kids and boyfriend, she is 19 years old and single. Her relationship is single and she is now dating anyone. In addition, Anna Cathcart focuses on her career.


● Anna Cathcart has been in business since 2016 and has a net worth of over $1 million.

● Anna Cathcart is a popular actress and currently has more than 3 million active followers and 436 posts on her official Instagram handle.

● Anna Cathcart won the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards for the TV show Odd Squad.

● Anna Cathcart was an active supporter of the Queer community.

Above was information about Canadian actress Anna Cathcart, she has also appeared in several TV shows, movies, and her movies are also streamed on Netflix. Anna Cathcart became a successful actress in a short time. We have also provided as much information as possible about Anna Cathcart such as ethnicity, race, early life, family background, career life, net worth and personal life details.

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