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Many great talents and artists originated from American film fraternity and some served for several decades with their overwhelming performances. Today we shall know about one such personality Carol Channing who entertained the people with her Acting and other entertaining skills. Carol Channing was a professional Actress, Singer, Dancer and Comedian; also she worked for more than seven decades in the American entertainment line. In the early 2019 on January 15 Carol Channing passed away after living for almost 97 years. Here we shall discuss about Carol Channing ethnicity, early life, race, personal life, career life journey, descent and other details in brief.

Full Name Carol Elaine Channing
Age & Birthday January 31, 1921 – January 15, 2019
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Race White
Ethnicity Mixed


Let’s know about the identification trait, ethnicity, race, descent and other ancestry details of American actress Carol Channing. Well Carol Channing was born in Washington and she had an American citizenship, while the parents of Carol Channing were of different descent and also multiracial. Carol Channing mother was a African-American descent while her father was of African-American and German American descent, also Carol Channing ancestry was of German-Jewish origin. Ultimately Carol Channing ethnicity was mixed with white racial characteristics.


Moving further into the early life details of American actress Carol Channing, well she was born on 31st of January, 1921 in Seattle, Washington and her parents were father George Channing and mother Adelaide Channing. Carol Channing went to Aptos Junior High School later went to Lowell High School Rancho Mirage California U.S and Bennigton College to pursue her graduation. Carol Channing had several emotional moments in her school life and also had to witness the truth of her father’s ethnic background but Carol Channing was proud to accept openly.


Moving further into the career life details of Carol Channing, well she was a professional actress, comedian, singer and dancer.

  • Carol Channing has reprised several characters in her acting career. Moreover she made appearance in Theater shows since from 1941 with a theatre show “No for an Answer”.
  • Carol Channing made her debut movie in 1950’s “Paid in Full” , where she played many roles and among them Muzzy Van Hossmere was a remarkable character for which she received Golden Globe Awards and also she received a nomination for Academy Award.
  • Some of the well known movies of Carol Channing are “All About People”, “Skidoo”, “Happily Ever After”, “Thumbelina” and many more.
  • Carol Channing appeared in several television and Theater shows such as “The Vamp”, “Show Girl” , “Sugar Babies” ,” The Muppet Show” , “The Love Boat” , “Alice in Wonderland” and many more.


Moving further into the personal life details of American actress Carol Channing, well she got married to Theodore Naidish back in 1941, then Carol Channing married Alexander F.Carson but the relationship venture ended with divorce but soon after this Carol Channing moved on and married Charles Lowe but Carol filed a divorce but before the verdict Lowe was dead and Carol Channing married her fourth husband who was her high school Romeo named Harry Kullijian but after 8 years of marriage Carol Channing had been deprived again as her husband died in 2011. Carol Channing had a child. Moreover Carol Channing had an unusual relationship ventures in her personal life.


  • Carol Channing had made an estimated net worth more than $25 million dollars in her entire career of acting.
  • Carol Channing had won several awards among them one is Tony Award for Best Performance for the Leading Role.

The above was detailed review about American Actress Carol Channing; also we have covered maximum information regarding Carol Channing ethnicity, race, early life, personal life, career life, net worth and other minute details. Carol Channing reprised several roles in her 76 years acting career.

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