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America has provided opportunities for a variety of talents, artists, and other skilled individuals. Diane Alexander, a former dancer, fashion designer, and actor, was one of these budding artists. Due to the challenges and adversity she overcame in her prior life, Diane Alexander is a well-known figure in the American fraternity. She now has a daughter and is a rising star in the American entertainment industry. We will learn more about Diane Alexander today, including her ancestry, race, family, childhood, professional life, net worth, and personal information.

Full Name Diane Alexander
Age & Birthday June 16, 1967 (55 years old)
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Race White
Ethnicity White Caucasian

Diane Alexander Ethnicity and Race

Learn more about Diane Alexander, a former fashion designer from the United States, including her ethnicity, race, identifying characteristic, origin, descent, and ancestry. Diane Alexander, who is White Caucasian by ethnicity, was born in California. Additionally, Diane Alexander is a member of the White race.

Family Background

When looking into the family history of former American dancer Diane Alexander, it turns out that both her mother and father had successful businesses that provided a source of revenue for their household. Additionally, Diane Alexander has Scottish, English, and Mexican ancestry. Diane Alexander grew up in a Christian household.

Early Life & Nationality

Moving on to Diane Alexander’s early years and nationality, we can say that she is an American. Diane Alexander is a former dancer and currently works as a professional fashion designer. On June 16, 1967, Diane Alexander was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. James Ashley and Marilyn Alexander are Diane Alexander’s parents. Additionally, Diane Alexander has a Ph.D. and a B.A. from the past. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of California and afterwards attended Princeton University to acquire a doctorate.


Moving further into career life derails, As for Diane Alexander’s professional life, she has previously worked as a dancer, fashion designer, and actress.

Diane Alexander rose to fame after appearing in films like “Paris” (1995) and “Lake Girls” (1990). She produced some notable works throughout her life as a result of both films. When Diane Alexander founded her own “Dee’s Designs” business in 2000, her career was at its height. She ultimately achieved success in her career before starting a relationship.

Personal life

Moving on to more personal information on American former excellent dancer Diane Alexander, we learn that she is 55 years old and divorced. She also provides information about her spouse, wife, and children. Back in 1995, Diane Alexander wed Lionel Richie. However, the couple split up in 2003, and she hasn’t spoken publicly about her relationship since then. Although he was a well-known and successful musician, her ex-husband Lionel Richie cheated on Diane Alexander, which caused the couple to split up. Miles Brockman Richie and Sofia Richie were the names of the couple’s two children.


  • Diane Alexander is available in social media and she occasionally posts in her social media account.
  • Currently Diane Alexander has more than 39k followers with 263 posts in her official Instagram handle.
  • Diane Alexander has been working as fashion designer for several years and currently she owns more than $1 million dollar net worth.
  • Diane Alexander loves to travel and also she loves continental food.

The above was a little piece of information about American former dancer, fashion designer and actress Diane Alexander. Well Diane Alexander was a great personality but she had to deal with some bitter moments such as divorce and her husband’s extra-marital affair. Despite such problems she bravely faced her hardships and now she has presented her daughter into the same field. Moreover we have covered maximum details about Diane Alexander such as ethnicity, race, early life, family background, career life and personal life details.

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