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There are many talented boxers in America. Gervonta Davis is a professional boxer. Gervonta Davis won several world titles and also held the IBF and WBA super-featherweight titles at various times. Gervonta Davis is popular for his exceptional boxing tactics and has fought more than 25 professional boxers in his career. Today here we get to know more about American boxer Gervonta Davis like his early life, family background, relationship, personal life, career life and most importantly his nationality.

Full Name Gervonta Davis
Age & Birthday November 7, 1994 (28 years old)
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Race Black
Ethnicity Mixed

Gervonta Davis Ethnicity and Race

Let’s talk about the identity, parentage, origin, nationality, race and other details of American professional boxer Gervonta Davis. Basically, Gervonta Davis was born in Maryland, but he is of Puerto Rican and African American descent. Therefore, Gervonta Davis’ ethnicity is mixed and falls under the racial characteristics of black because he is of African American descent. Some sources predict that boxer Gervonta Davis is of Mexican descent, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Family background

Regarding the family background of American boxer Gervonta Davis, every talented person has faced a dark and painful past in their life. Even Gervonta Davis faced several obstacles and bitter situations in his life. He was previously placed in several foster homes as a child and continues to pursue his boxing career. Gervonta Davis’ father went to prison and his mother was involved in drugs. Later, his grandmother took care of him and wandered around looking for a better shelter. Also, Gervonta Davis had a bad and troubled past life.

Early life and Nationality

Moving further into the early life and ethnicity of American boxer Gervonta Davis, he was born on November 7, 1994 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, but he grew up in Sandtown-Winchester, his father Garrin Davis and mother Kenya Davis belong to different ethnicity. Gervonta Davis started boxing training under trainer “Calvin Ford” and also studied at “Digital Harbor High School” but later continued his career and dropped out. In addition, Gervonta Davis holds American citizenship.


Moving on to the professional life journey of Gervonta Davis, he is an American professional boxer and has won several championships. Before beginning a professional boxing career, Gervonta Davis made several other championship appearances throughout his career. Gervonta Davis is probably the most brilliant amateur boxer because he won multiple national championships, the National Golden Gloves Championship and many other championships before his professional days. Gervonta Davis started his career training as a child under the guidance of trainer Calvin Ford, and then in 2013 he became a professional boxer when he defeated Desi Williams. With this match, Gervonta Davis made the debut of his boxing career. He also won many titles such as “World Championship in three weight divisions”, “WBA Lightweight”, “IBF Super Featherweight”, “WBA Super Lightweight” and many more. Gervonta Davis’ professional record is nearly 28-0.

Gervonta Davis has won against several professional boxers. Gervonta Davis knocked out many professional boxers in the ring during his career including Jose Pedraza, Leo Santa Cruz, Gamboa and many similar professional boxers.

Personal life

When it comes to American boxer Gervonta Davis personal life details like relationship, girlfriend, wife and kids, Gervonta Davis is 28 years old but still single. Gervonta Davis has been in many relationships and dated many girls throughout his life. Also, Gervonta Davis has children and is currently dating Vanessa Posso.


● Gervonta Davis is a popular American boxer who has many fans across the country. He currently has over 5.5 million followers and has 31 posts on his official Instagram handle.

● Gervonta Davis has been working on his professional boxing career for several years and currently has a net worth of over $4 million.

● In addition to his boxing career, Gervonta Davis was involved in several legal matters that led to lawsuits.

The previous one was information about American professional boxer Gervonta Davis. Despite many difficulties and a dark past, Gervonta Davis became a successful person in his career. Gervonta Davis has several championships and titles to his name and a number of records. We have covered as much information as possible about American boxer Gervonta Davis such as ethnicity, race, early life, career life, personal life and family background.

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