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Every country requires a perfect leader to look after the country, and Politicians are the one who fill the void. One such dignified personality is Jennifer McClellan, who served as the member of Democratic Party, Virginia House of Delegates, U.S. House of Representatives and also Jennifer McClellan has a perfect family. Moreover Jennifer McClellan is the first Black woman to be elected to the Congress from Virginia and working as the professional politician. Jennifer McClellan is also a professional lawyer and was elected as Congresswomen for Virginia’s Fourth Congressional District. Here we shall discuss about Jennifer McClellan ethnicity, race, net worth, early life, personal life and career life details.

Full Name Jennifer Leigh McClellan
Age & Birthday December 28,1972 (50 years old)
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Race Under review
Ethnicity Black


Let’s know about ethnic background, identification trait, racial characteristics, ethnicity, descent, ancestry and other details of Jennifer McClellan. Jennifer McClellan is the first black women to get elected in Congress from Virginia. Therefore, Jennifer McClellan belongs to Black ethnic background. Well Jennifer McClellan was born to a Presbyterian family and some source depicts that Jennifer McClellan is biracial but the racial characteristics details are under review. Jennifer Zodiac Sign is Aquarius and has American Citizenship.


Moving further into the early life details of an American Politician Jennifer McClellan. Well Jennifer McClellan was born on 28th of December 1972 in Petersburg, Virginia, United States. Jennifer McClellan was born in Christian family and her parents names are mother Lois Dedeaux McClellan and father James Fennimore McClellan, also Jennifer McClellan has sibling sister her name is Jean Holt. Jennifer McClellan parents were activist where her father was a professional lecturer at State University and mother was a counselor at the same institution. Jennifer McClellan went to Matoaca High School in Chesterfield Country later went to University of Richmond to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Arts in English and Political Science. In 1994 Jennifer McClellan graduated with her bachelors and went to University of Virginia School of Law to pursue her Juris Doctor. In 1997 Jennifer McClellan graduated with her JD.


Moving further into the career life details of American attorney Jennifer McClellan.

  • Well Jennifer McClellan is a professional lawyer and politician.
  • Once Jennifer McClellan completed her law she started practicing law at Hunton & Williams and also worked in Verizon Communications.
  • In 2005 Jennifer McClellan first went to Virginia House of Delegates.
  • In 2009 Jennifer McClellan presented 71st district in Virginia House of Delegates for 8 years.
  • Jennifer McClellan worked at Democratic Party of Virgina as vice chair later Jennifer McClellan became the member of Democratic National Committee.
  • In 2017 Jennifer McClellan filled the void in Virginia Senate to the U. S House of Representatives.
  • In 2017 Jennifer McClellan was also representative of 9th district in the Virginia State Senate for 6 years.
  • When Jennifer McClellan served as member of the Virginia House of Delegates, she was pregnant and gave birth while serving. During this phase she faced lots of difficulties with dealing her professional career and personal life career.
  • During her time in Virginia Senate introduced legalization in adolescent psychology.
  • Jennifer McClellan announced her candidacy for governor of Virginia in mid 2020.
  • One remarkable duty in the career of Jennifer McClellan is she passed over more than 350 bills when she was in the Virginia Assembly.
  • Jennifer McClellan is said to be the youngest Delegate in Virginia’s history.
  • Jennifer McClellan was also a member of the U.S. House of Representatives form Virginia’s 4th district.
  • Jennifer McClellan represented Virginia’s fourth congressional district, later Jennifer McClellan was a member of Democratic Party.
  • In 2021 Jennifer McClellan passed The Voting Rights Act of Virginia when she was a state senator.
  • During her career she passed the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and many more important acts were passed.
  • Currently Jennifer McClellan is a Democratic nominee for special election which will be held in 2023.
  • On 6th March 2023 Jennifer McClellan was a special day as she won the historical Virginia election. She won against Republican pastor, Navy veteran and many others.


Moving further into the personal life details of Congresswomen Jennifer McClellan, well she is a married woman with a perfect family. Jennifer McClellan married David Mills on November 15, 2008. The couples are blessed with two children and the names of her children are Jackson and Samantha. Jennifer McClellan has completed 14 years of journey with David Mills.


  • Jennifer McClellan is available on social media and has more than 7.5 k followers with more than 3.5 k posts on her official Instagram handle.
  • Jennifer McClellan has an estimated net worth of more than $2 million to $6 million dollars.
  • Jennifer McClellan is the first female governor of Virginia.
  • Jennifer McClellan loves pet’s lot and once she had a pet dog named Duke.

The above was small details regarding American lawyer and politician Jennifer McClellan. Moreover Jennifer McClellan was a representative for Virginia’s congressional district and a member of Democratic Party. Jennifer McClellan has struggled lot balancing her professional and personal life during certain situations. We have covered maximum details of Jennifer McClellan ethnicity, race, net worth, early life, career life and personal life.

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