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Fictional characters have the power to explore the core depth of any genre of the story. Among them Marvel fictional characters have made a powerful impact globally. One such unique character created by Brian Michael Bendis is Miles Morales. Well Miles Morales is similar to Spiderman with different costume and also he carries a great backdrop. Today we shall know about Miles Morales such as ethnicity, race, his backdrop, love interest, his super powers and much more in detail.

Full Name Miles Gonzalo Morales
Age & Birthday 13 year old
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Race Biracial
Ethnicity Mixed

Miles Morales Ethnicity and Race

Miles Morales is a fictional marvel character and let’s know about his ethnicity, race, descent and other details. Well Miles Morales was born in New York and his parents are from different origin. Miles Morales father is African-American and his mother is from Puerto Rican, hence Miles Morales belongs to mixed ethnic heritage. So let’s know about racial characteristics, well Miles Morales belongs to biracial category.

Family Background

Coming to the family background details of Marvel’s fictional character Miles Morales, well his parents were of different descent and different ethnic heritage. Miles Morales was born in New York City. His mother was a nurse and his father was a police officer but in his past he has a criminal past since then he reformed into a great officer. Miles Morales is very proud of his Afro-Latino community.

Early Life & Nationality

Moving further into the early life and nationality details of Miles Morales, well he was born in Brooklyn, New York, City. Miles Morales mother Rio who served as nurse and his father Jefferson served as police officer. Miles Morales was close to his uncle Aaron Davis. Miles Morales was admitted to Brooklyn Visions Academy and he has a great friends circle.


Moving further into professional life detail of Miles Morales, well he made his first appearance in 4th Ultimate Fallout in the comic book released in 2011. Later he appeared as the lead character in video game titled as “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”.

Personal life

Moving further into personal life details like love interest details of Miles Morales, well he is 13 years old and has many love interest in Marvel comic universe. Some of them who top his list are Gwen Stacy, Barbara Rodriguez and Katie Bishop. Miles Morales has several issues in handling his personal life in the comic and he faces lots of challenges. The author has well dwelled the love interest of Miles Morales in the comic.


  • Miles Morales has abilities such as superhuman strength, speed, Resistance to injury, Venom Strike, great reflexes and much more.
  • Miles Morales is a human mutant.

The above were few details of Marvel comic universe popular fictional character Miles Morales. We have covered maximum information such as his origin, descent, ethnicity, early life, career life and love interest details of Miles Morales.

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