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The journey of every successful talent is backed by a professional guide. Today we shall discuss about one such personality from sports field. Shaka Smart is a well known and professional American basketball coach for men who is working in a reputed college. In the past Shaka Smart was a professional basketball player later he helmed the coach profession. Here we shall discuss about Shaka Smart ethnicity, past life details, early life, career life, race and few personal life details briefly.

Full Name Shaka Dingani Smart
Age & Birthday April 8, 1977 (46 years old)
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Race Mixed
Ethnicity African-American


Lets know about identification traits, racial characteristics, ethnicity, descent, ancestry and other details of Professional Basketball coach Shaka Smart. Well Shaka Smart was born 46 years back in Wisconsin and Shaka Smart has different descent as he was identified as black. Shaka Smart parents belong to white American and African-American descent, Hence Shaka Smart belongs to African-American ethnic background, but Shaka Smart was identified as Black and faced racism during his school days back in past ,Moreover Shaka Smart belongs to mixed category of racial characteristics and holds American nationality. The Zodiac Sign of Shaka Smart is Aries.


Moving further into the early life details of American Professional Basketball coach Shaka Smart, well Shaka Smart was born on 8th of April, 1977 in Madison, Wisconsin. The parents of Shaka Smart are Mother Winston Smart and father Monica King and he has siblings too. Shaka Smart went to Oregon High School which was situated in Oregon, Wisconsin. As Shaka Smart identified as black he faced racism in school but in house even he was always deprived as there was lack of support from his parents also his father left the family when Smart was just 17 years old. Later in the life of Shaka Smart had the opportunity to graduate from the most reputed Harvard University, but Shaka Smart chose to graduate from Kenyon College.


Moving further into the career life details of Shaka Smart.

  • Well like other sportsman Shaka Smart started building his interest in basketball since from his high school.
  • Shaka Smart played in his college while pursuing his graduation in Kenyon College where he created several records with his outstanding performances in basketball and earned several accreditations such as NCAC scholar Athlete of the Year.
  • Shaka Smart went for further post graduation with the scholarship and pursued his master degree from California University of Pennsylvania.
  • Soon after graduating in 1999 Shaka Smart started his coach career in California University as a assistant coach.
  • Shaka Smart served as coach for several universities such as University of Akron, Clemson University, Florida, Texas, VCU and many other.
  • Shaka Smart is remarkably known for his HAVOC style of coaching which is a defensive style.
  • In the past 2008 and later in 2012 Shaka Smart campaigned Florida and Virginia for the Ex-President Mr. Barack Obama.


Moving further into the personal life details of American professional basketball coach Shaka Smart, well Shaka Smart is a married man. Shaka Smart married Maya Pene Smart in 2006; later in 2011 the couple was blessed with a child named Jora Snai Smart. Currently Shaka Smart lives with his family in his residential house situated in Oregon, Wisconsin.


  • Shaka Smart is available on social media with more than 17.6k followers with 288 posts in his official Instagram handle.
  • Shaka Smart has made an estimated net worth of more than $15 million dollars.
  • Shaka Smart is said to be the first black head coach in the history of program.
  • Shaka Smart has been awarded with “Big East Coach of the Year ” in 2023 also he has won several championships in his career of basketball.

The above was the detailed review regarding American professional Basketball player Shaka Smart. We have covered the maximum productive information regarding Shaka Smart like ethnicity, descent, race, early life, career life, personal life and other minute details.

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