Sssniperwolf Ethnicity, Race, Parents And Nationality

Quick Info-

Content creators are ruling the entire internet with their unique and entertaining content. Sssniperwolf is a popular content creator, who makes videos on YouTube, Tiktok, and other social media platforms. Sssniperwolf has millions of Instagram, tiktok, and YouTube subscribers. Along with millions of fan followers, Sssniperwolf has million million-dollar net worth. Here are a few important details about Sssniperwolf such as ethnicity, net worth, race, early life, career life, personal life, family background, and other details.

Full Name Alia Marie Shelesh
Age & Birthday October 22, 1992, (31 years old)
Nationality British
Religion Christianity
Race White
Ethnicity Mixed

Sssniperwolf Ethnicity & Race-

Let us know about the ethnicity, ancestry, racial characteristics, and other details about British content creator Sssniperwolf. Well, Sssniperwolf is of Turkish and Greek descent and was born in England. Sssniperwolf ethnicity is mixed, and she belongs to White racial characteristics.

Family Background-

Coming to the family details of Sssniperwolf, well she was born in England, but she was raised in Phoenix, Arizona. When Sssniperwolf was just six years old, she moved with her family to Arizona.

Early Life & Nationality

Here is few more information about the early life and nationality of Sssniperwolf. Well, Sssniperwolf was born on the 22nd of October, 1992 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Sssniperwolf holds British Nationality.


Here is information about the career life details of Sssniperwolf.

Sssniperwolf has her own YouTube channel, named “Sssniperwolf”. She started her channel back in 2013. Earlier she uploaded gaming videos on her channel. Currently, the channel has more than 34.2 million subscribers. Also, she has other channels named “Sssniperwolf Top Videos” and “Little Lia”, where the “Sssniperwolf Top Videos” channel has more than 409k subscribers, while the “Little Lia” has more than 3.96 million subscribers. She has uploaded thousands of videos to her channel.

Sssniperwolf is famous on Tiktok and has more than 19.2 million followers, with 183.6 million likes. Moreover, Sssniperwolf has tied up with several brands and also has her merchandise.

Back in 2013, Sssniperwolf had been involved in an accident case, when she hit a security guard, later she had been involved in several charges. Again she is back with some illegal issues.

Personal life –

Let me know about the personal life details of Sssniperwolf, well she is just 31 years old. Sssniperwolf is still unmarried, but she was in a relationship with Evan Sausage back in 2013. But due to some reasons both separated in 2022. Currently, Sssniperwolf and her boyfriend are back in the news, as her ex-boyfriend has sued for some legal issues against Sssniperwolf.


  • Sssniperwolf has more than 5.6 million followers on her official Instagram handle.
  • The Zodiac sign of Sssniperwolf is Libra.
  • Sssniperwolf is also available on X (Twitter) and has more than 1.1 million followers.
  • Sssniperwolf has more than $16 million- $20 million net worth.

The above was short information about British content creator, Sssniperwolf. We have covered a lot of information about Sssniperwolf such as career life, personal life, net worth, early life, and ethnicity details.


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