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Stunna Girl is a rapper and has released various music albums after the release of her song ‘Runaway’ which went viral on the Internet. She has many fans and followers for her songs that have been released on social media platforms including Youtube, Spotify, TikTok, and several other sites.

Full Name Suzanne Sade Brown
Age & Birthday July 2, 1998 (25 years old)
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Race Mixed
Ethnicity American


The cultural background, identification traits, characteristics, origin, ancestry details of Stunna Girl have been provided here. The ethnicity of Stunna Girl consists of several locations where her ancestors resided. The regions of descent of Stunna include English, French, American, German, Irish, and Welsh ancestry. The place that Stunna Girl was born is Sacramento, California which is situated in the United States of America. The nationality of Stunna is American and she grew up in the United States of America region. The religion of Stunna Girl is Christianity as she was born to Christian family. Her eye color is brown and hair color is black. The family of Stunna Girl is a middle class family who are American parents. Stunna Girl has tattoos on parts of her body including her back, shoulders, legs, butts, and arms.


Stunna Girl was born in California on 2nd of July, 1998. At the age of 8, she was taught to record music in her father’s home studio which was the start of the career of a musical artist. Stunna Girl started rapping at the age of 12 and was recognized for dealing with stints in juvenile hall for fighting, and robbery. Her early life which ranged between 12 to 14 was spent in youth jail for doing misdeeds including robberies, assaults and using fake IDs. She began dropping her music albums after her release from jail at 17 years of age.


The professional career of Brook Lopez is listed as under:

  • At the age of 12 Stunna Girl was a rapper and was working on her vocals and lyrics of the song that were to be released by her.
  • In the year of 2018 her professional career started. Her first music video on Youtube was ‘Real Rap’ song. After releasing this musical video she had received love from her fans.
  • Her song ‘Runaway’ went viral on the social media platform of Youtube.
  • Stunna Girl released music albums titled YKWTFGO and Stunna This Stunna That albums.
  • Some of her songs includes RIDE, On the Record, Still Smoke, Two Tone, Like I said Tho, Catch Me At the Bank, Facetime, That Part, Naked, Real Rap and many more songs


Stunna Girl was born to a middle class family in California in the year of 1998 on 2nd of July. She started learning music recording and the art of rapping in her early years of life. She started her musical career due to the effort of her father to teach her music lessons. She has her parents who are of American nationality. The relationship status of Stunna Girl is single as of now and her marital status is unmarried.


  • Stunna Girl appeared on the cover page of the reputed magazine named ‘Muze’ in November 2020.
  • Stunna has spent two years in youth jail due to her acts such as fighting, using fake IDs, and robbery.
  • Stunna Girl consumes alcohol during different parties and she loves to eat Sushi from popular restaurants.
  • She has numerous fans of her for her music albums on her verified and authentic channel of social site named Spotify.
  • The net worth of the rapper is approximately $ million which she earned from her songs, raps, promotions and modeling.
  • She has a habit of wearing clothes and accessories from various branded stores.

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